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My wife entered Islam not long ago, and she is working hard to become a good Muslima. In fact, she’s learning many things, and also to wear the hijab, she has not ever had any problems. The problem is there for her work. She also wants to wear hijab at work it, but unfortunately she can not because her work is very sensitive and very particular, in a particular area of the State..in a European country that is not Muslim. In her field her employer would not accept at all, for the tasks she performs, she wears hijab. She has many disciplinary problems, or even expulsion or dismissal. How would we solve this problem so that she will not fall in haram? She is very sad and worried for this reason!

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.


Hijab is fardh upon every woman who is close to the age of puberty or has reached it.

Hijab means a screen or a curtain. In Shariah it means to completely cover one’s self from the view of the non-mahram. (With whom marriage is permissible)

In the Holy Quran Allah has said:

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“They should draw their veils over their bosoms”

(Al-Noor v.31)

The word “Khummr” means veil. And the veil means a piece of cloth, which covers the face. (Al-Mawrid)

In another verse Allah has stated:

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“O’Nabi say to your wives, your daughters and the believing women that they should suspend over themselves the “Jilbaabs”.

Jilbaab is the outer sheet or cloak. At the time of the Prophet (SAW) this sheet was so large that two women would easily be covered by it. The women used to wear it in such a way that it would not reveal their shape.

Ibn-Abbas Radiallahu Anhu has said that the word jilbaab means a woman should be wrapped, from her head to her feet and that her face, nose should be hidden-leaving only the eye uncovered to see the way.

There are also some Hadeeths, which tells us that women should observe pardah and conceal themselves from strange men. One of them is:

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“A women is an object of concealment, thus when she emerges, Satan uses her a means of spreading evil.”  (Mishkat, Tirmizi)

We must remember that hijab is an obligation that Allah (SWA) has enjoined on the Muslim woman.  This has been proven through the aforementioned verses of the Holy Quran and the hadith of the Prophet of Allah (SAW); the Ummah is agreed upon it and the application of hijab has been the practice of the Ummah throughout the centuries.

It is the duty of every Muslim to adhere to the obligations of his religion and strive to make Allah (SWA) happy.

Allah (SWA) in the Holy Quran has said:

“And whoever obeys Allah and His messenger achieves great success.”   (Surah Ahzab v.71)

With regards to your situation, it is not necessary for your wife to go out to work.  It is the responsibility of the husband to support his wife financially therefore; it would be advisable for your wife to leave this particular job.

However, if the situation requires her to work then she should look at the kind of harassment she is being subject to.  If they are such things as insults and hostile looks then it will not be permissible for her to take off her hijab.  But if they are of a more extreme nature then it will be permissible for your wife to take off her hijab due to the harassment she is experiencing. The threat of being expelled from her job would not allow her to take of the hijab.

Only Allah Knows Best

Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham.

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