If someone  reads Ayahtul Kursi when entering the home  poverty will not enter his house

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Answered by: Maulana Mujahid Hussain


“If someone reads Ayahtul Kursi when entering the home poverty will not enter his house” Is the following hadith fabricated? 


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The wordings in Arabic are

من قرأها حين يدخل بيته : نزع الله الفقر من بين عينيه ويٌخرج الشياطين من بيته وتحرسه الملائكة المقربين

The only book where I could find the Hadees is

نزهة المجالس ومنتخب النفائس.

This is a book on virtues of good deeds by Imam Abdur Rahman Asafoori from the Islamic 9th century. However the Imam seems to have quoted many weak and fabricated narrations in this book without any references or any chains. There is a report which mentions these words as a saying of Muhammad al-Baqir ( رحمه الله It is mentioned by Ibn Baabaway in the 21 gathers of his dictations on page 7[1]

حَدَّثَنَا الْحُسَيْنُ بْنُ أَحْمَدَ بْنِ إِدْرِيسَ حَدَّثَنَا أَبِي عَنْ مُحَمَّدِ بْنِ الْحُسَيْنِ بْنِ أَبِي الْخَطَّابِ عَنْ مُحَمَّدِ بْنِ أَبِي عُمَيْرٍ عَنْ جَعْفَرٍ الأَزْدِيِّ عَنْ عَمْرِو بْنِ أَبِي الْمِقْدَامِ سَمِعْتُ أَبَا جَعْفَرٍ الْبَاقِرَ عَلَيْهِ السَّلامُ يَقُولُ: " مَنْ قَرَأَ آيَةَ الْكُرْسِي مَرَّةً صَرَفَ اللهُ عَنْهُ أَلْفَ مَكْرُوهٍ مِنْ مَكْرُوهِ الدُّنْيَا، وَأَلْفَ مَكْرُوهٍ مِنْ مَكْرُوهِ الآخِرَةِ ، أَيْسَرُ مَكْرُوهِ الدُّنْيَا الْفَقْرُ ، وَأَيْسَرُ مَكْرُوهِ الآخِرَةِ عَذَابُ الْقَبْرِ

However these words are a fabrication against Imam Muhammad Al- Baqir. Amr bin Abi Miqdaam who was a Rafidhee ( رافضي ) is one of the narrators of the chain . Here is what the scholars said about him قال ابن معين: ليس بشئ .وقال مرة: ليس بثقة ولا مأمون. وقال النسائي: متروك الحديث. وقال ابن حبان: يروى الموضوعات . “Ibn Maeen said he is equivalent to nothing. Imam Nasaaie said his reports have been abandoned . Ibn Hibban has said he narrated fabricated narrations” . [2] Hafiz Ibn Hajr says in Taqreeb “ he is weak and accused of being a Rafidhee” Ibn Mubaraak said “ do not narrate from Amr Bin Abi Miqdaam . He used to swear at the pious predecessors” Imam Abu Dawood said “ he was a evil Rafidhee “

Only Allah Knows best.

Written by Maulana Mujahid Hussain

Checked and approved by

Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Hadith Birmingham


[1]أخرجه ابن بابويه في "المجلس الحادي والعشرين من أماليه" (ص7)


[2]ميزان الإعتدال   v3 page 249


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