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Fatwa ID: 02076

Answered by Ustadha Mahdiyah Siddique


Asalamualaikum Hazrat.
This is a question from a friend of mine who is an 'Alim. He specifically asked me to put this question forward to you. I understand you may have answered something similar to this before, but this is on behalf of a friend. Please bear that in mind.
I have a question regarding parts and labour cover with AA vehicle rescue service. It's a roadside assistance provider. This is their official site:

Last year I took out the cover for my car it costed me £150 for the year. It covered me for rescue of my car and all its passengers anywhere inside the UK and also supply and fit of any part. I never broke down nor did I have a problem with the car hence I didn't need to call AA.
This year my premium dropped to £100 for the same parts and labour and rescue cover. However, this year my car injector had an issue and needed changing so I called them out and they arranged for all parts and labour which the garage charged the AA £500 for. I didn't pay towards it because it was covered.
Is this permissible? A friend told me he understands the rescue service not being based on uncertainty if we look at it from an angle of AA being a service where we pay for them being on call 24 hours a day, hence our money doesn't go towards uncertainty, rather we pay for their 24 hour-ready service.
But, how about the parts and labour this is based on uncertainty as in my example? I paid £100 and I received parts and labour to replace the part worth £500. Next year I could or could not need them for any parts. That's uncertainty.
Have I done wrong? What is the ruling regarding what I have done? Am I allowed to continue with this cover or is it impermissible?



In response to your question; 

Breakdown cover is permissible for their all time ready service.

However the inclusion of supplying the parts and labour is not considered permissible.

You would be advised not to continue with this plan and find another which is more fitting.

The extra amount that you have benefitted from the company, you should give away in charity specified as interest without the intention of reward.

As you mentioned, your question is very similar to one answered before, this can be found at the following link http://daruliftabirmingham.co.uk/breakdown-cover-2/ under Fatwa ID: 02052. Please read up on that for further clarity.

Only Allah Knows Best

Written by Ustadha Mahdiyah Siddique

Checked and approved by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham

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