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Answered by: Molana Muhammad Adnan


Is the following narrations from al-Tabarani a fabrication?

Narrating an interesting story told by Tabari is appropriate here to realize the caliph's idea about his authorities, ”'Imran Ibn Sawad says, “I said the morning prayers with 'Umar and then, followed him.”He asked, “You have a request?”I said, “Yes, advice!”He said, “Bravo! Go on!”I said, “People find faults with you in several things.”Holding his lash under his chin, 'Umar said, “Well?”I said, “You have forbidden the lesser pilgrimage (the 'Umra Hajj)during the months of Hajj while Prophet Muhammad said it was permitted; neither did Abu Bakr act like you.”'Umar said, “This was to show people that they were not exempt from
the main Hajj by doing the 'Umra.”I asked, “You have banned the temporary marriage of women while the Prophet had allowed it?”_'UMAR SAID, “I AM EQUAL TO MUHAMMAD; I MAKE THEM FULL AND DO SO ANDSO FOR THEM. IF I DO NOT DO SO (HARSH BEHAVIOR), I'LL ABANDON THE TRUTH(THIS IS IRONICAL OF HIS HAVING RIGHT TO DO SO).”_
Tarikh at-Tabari, vol. IV, p. 225;

Umar forbidding Haj Tamattu?

Regarding narrations below, what do the Hadith masters say about thefollowing narration. Why did Umar refuse people performing Haj Tamattu?Many ignoramuses claim Umar enforced an innovation here, astagfirullah.

Abu Nadra reported:
_Ibn 'Abbas commanded the performance of Mut'a putting ihram for 'Umraduring the months of Dhul-Hijja and after completing it. then putting onIhram for Hajj), but Ibn Zubair forbade to do it. I made a mention of itto Jabir b. Abdullih and he said: It is through me that this hadith hasbeen circulated. We entered into the state of Ihram as Tamattu' with theMessenger of Allah (). __WHEN 'UMAR WAS INSTALLED AS CALIPH, HE SAID:VERILY ALLAH MADE PERMISSIBLE FOR HIS MESSENGER () WHATEVER HE LIKEDAND AS RE LIKED. AND (EVERY COMMAND) OF THE HOLY QUR'AN HAS BEENREVEALED FOR EVERY OCCASION. SO ACCOMPLISH HAJJ AND UMRA FOR ALLAH ASALLAH HAS COMMANDED YOU; AND CONFIRM BY (PROPER CONDITIONS) THE MARRIAGEOF THOSE WOMEN (WITH WHOM YOU HAVE PERFORMED MUT'A). AND ANY PERSONWOULD COME TO ME WITH A MARRIAGE OF APPOINTED DURATION (MUT'A), I WOULDSTONE HIM (TO DEATH)._
Sahih Muslim
Book 7, Hadith 2801

Abu Musa, (Allah be pleased with him) reported that he used to deliverreligious verdict in favor of Hajj Tamattu'. A person said to him:_Exercise restraint in delivering some of your religious verdicts, for you do not know what the Commander of Believers has introduced in therites (of Hajj) after you (when you were away in Yemen). He (Abu Musa, )met him (Hadrat Umar) subsequently and asked him (about it), whereupon'Umar said: __I KNOW THAT ALLAH'S APOSTLE (MAY PEACE BE UPON HIM) ANDALSO HIS COMPANIONS DID THAT (OBSERVED TAMATTU'), BUT I DO NOT APPROVE__that the married persons should have intercourse with their wives under the shade of the trees, and then set out for Hajj with water trickling
down from their heads._
Sahih Muslim
Book 7, Hadith 2814


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

There is a few references given to this Hadith but it is not found in Tabarani. The other references given for this hadith with this wording is through shia anti Umar (may Allah Ta’ala be pleased with him)  sources. Until an Arabic script of this Hadith can be found we cannot know what the Scholars of the past have said about it.

In regards to Umar(may Allah Ta’ala be pleased with him) forbidding the tamattu hajj:

Al-Awza`i reported that Abu Hurayrah narrated that Allah's Messenger slaughtered cows on behalf of his wives when they were performing Tamattu`. This was reported by Abu Bakr bin Marduwyah.

This Hadith proves that Tamattu` is legislated. It is reported in the Two Sahihs that `Imran bin Husayn said, "We performed Hajj At-Tamattu` in the lifetime of Allah's Messenger and then the Qur'an was revealed (regarding Hajj At-Tamattu`). Nothing was revealed to forbid it, nor did he (the Prophet ) forbid it until he died. And somebody said what he wished (regarding Hajj At-Tamattu`) according to his own opinion.'' Al-Bukhari said that `Imran was talking about `Umar. It is reported in an authentic narration that `Umar used to discourage the people from performing Tamattu`. He used to say, "If we refer to Allah's Book, we should complete it,'' meaning:

﴿فَمَن تَمَتَّعَ بِالْعُمْرَةِ إِلَى الْحَجِّ فَمَا اسْتَيْسَرَ مِنَ الْهَدْىِ﴾

(…whosoever performs the `Umrah (in the months of Hajj), before (performing) the Hajj, he must slaughter a Hady such as he can afford,)

However `Umar did not say that Tamattu` is unlawful. He only prevented them so that the people would increase their trips to the House for Hajj (during the months of Hajj) and `Umrah (throughout the year), as he himself has stated.

(Tafsir ibn Kathir)

Written by Molana Muhammad Adnan

Checked and approved by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham

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