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Answered by Molana Muhammad Adnan


I am a dermatologist. My question is regarding temporary facial injections under the skin(hyaluronic fillers and botox) that diminish lines and wrinkles and last for 3-6 months after which the skin returns to pre-treatment state. Women who are psychologically distressed about the wrinkles that come with aging seek these treatments. Is the money earned by providing these treatments haram?



Islamically, we are encouraged to beautify ourselves for our spouses. There are many ways of doing this, some being permissible and some being impermissible. Botox itself would come under the category of permissible as it does not fulfil the conditions to come under the category of impermissible. The Hanafi’s follow an integral principle of “the actuality of everything is permissibility”(Tafeesaat Ahmaddiyyah, Surah Baqarah). So on the basis of this principle it will be permissible. However, there are many risks and side-effects attached to Botox so it should be avoided on medical grounds, a quick google search will show vast amounts of articles written by medical experts outlining the risks and side-effects. In conclusion, of itself botox is permitted but it should be avoided and discouraged on medical and health grounds.

In regards to money earned from botox and other permitted procedures, it will be permissible.

Written by Molana Muhammad Adnan

Checked and approved by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham

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