Can a Teacher Who Has Been Asked To Isolate Go for Jummah and Jamaat Prayers

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Fatwa ID: 05851


Answered by: Shaykh Ahmed Bin Mohamed Umarji




Salaam Mufti Sahib, I work as a teacher and one of the students has been tested positive. The school has asked me to isolate for ten days. I have no symptoms, can I still go for Jamaat Salaah AND Jumma prayer?



In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful




We ask Allah Ta’ala that he keeps you and your family in the best of health.


The mandate for isolation is set in place to ensure the health and safety of others. This is in line with the aims, objectives, and principles of shariah.


The second necessity (Darurah) from the objectives of Shariah (Maqasid As-Shariah) is The Protection of life (Hifdhun-Nass). This objective states that all measures and precautions are to be implemented to protect each and every human being from destruction.1


There is a principle of jurisprudence that states that harm are to be repelled as far as possible (al-darar yudfa’u’ bi qadri al-imkan)2


Based on these objectives and principles we understand the importance of respecting the precautionary measure to ensure that the harm is minimized. Thus you should self isolate and even miss Jummah prayers until you are cleared or receive a negative test result.



Only Allah knows best

Written by Shaykh Ahmed Bin Mohamed Umarji

Checked and approved by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham





1 Maqasid As-Shariah, Dr Abdullah Bin Yusuf Al Judai , Page 25



2 Qawaid Al-Fiqhiyyah, Page 31, Darut-Tirmidhi




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