Duas before intercourse and for conceiving

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Fatwa ID: 01878

Answered by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah


1) I want to know if there is any dua to be made before intercourse with husband. Also if any Islamic values and ways to be kept in mind during intercourse. 2) Recommend a dua for trying to conceive



One should read the following dua at the time of intercourse:

'Bismillah, Allahumma jannibna-sh-shaitan, wa jannibi-sh-shaitan ma razaqtana,' (Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim)

It is permissible for the couples to say affection words to each other as long as it is done discreetly. One should avoid in fantasizing about another man or woman whilst having intercourse. This will akin to zina and would be considered a sin. (See Raddul Muhtar p.372 v.6)

The following dua can be read to conceive a child:

“Rabbi La Tazarni Fardaw Wa Anta Khairul Waritheen” (Surah Anbiya v.89)

Only Allah Knows Best

Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham.

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