Hajj from money selling Gaming PCs

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Fatwa ID: 02033

Answered by UstaadhaBint Salih



It is often said that one must perform, or make the journey to Haj with wealth that is halal.

My cousin sold his computer to someone on eBay, and used the funds to fund his Haj expedition. The PC he sold was a custom built to play games at high resolution, and he suspects that's what the buyer purchased his, for the same purpose.

According to some 'Ulama videogames are haram unconditionally, and for other 'Ulama it depends if the game is devoid if haram content. That is the nature of this question.

He used these profit in return to perform Haj, and carried out all the furdh/sunnahs/wajib requirements, but he fears it's ether in valid, or it'smakruh because of the haram money used. Is this is the case?

A student of knowledge someone who is studied to become an 'Alim gave the example of a car, if someone sells someone else a car then he is not responsible for his actions even if he knows the buyer will use the car
for haram because the car can also prove to be useful piece of tool, so it comes down the car is used. Likewise with a computer it too can be used for useful for purposes.

The reason why my cousin is at unease with this example is because his PC for specific type for gaming, but it can be used for other purposes too because of the power it generates like 3D rendering, and sound production/manipulation. However, generally 3D rendering features animate pictures, and sound production really means putting music together – if you combine the 2 in many cases it's someone making a high
resolution video.

Please let me know, personally I think it's mis-understood.



The Islamic principle is that something, which may be used for lawful purposes, is permissible to sell.
(TaqrirTirmizi p.221 v.1 &TakmilahFathulMulhim p.551 v.1)

Although this PC is generally used for gaming etc, it is not restricted to this. There is a possibility that one can still use this computer for lawful things, such as work etc.

This is enough to make its selling lawful and the profit halal. Therefore, the person is question can hope for their hajj to be accepted inshaAllah.

Only Allah knows best.

UstaadhaBint Salih.           

Checked and approved by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham

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