If Someone Has a Full-Time Job and Wants Extra Income Would It Be Permissible?

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Fatwa ID: 06184


Answered by: Shaykh Ahmed Bin Mohamed Umarji




If someone has a full-time job and wants extra income would it be permissible for them to do a skip job? Keep in mind this would be solely for extra income. The person already has a full-time job.



In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful




Working as a delivery driver for a company like a skip is permissible irrespective of what is being delivered.


Imam Zaylaee explains that the reason Imam Abu Ḥanifah permits the earnings from such transport or delivery is that it cannot be considered a sin nor the means to sin. A sin can only come into existence by the deliberate action of a person to sin, which is not found in the mere act of delivery or transport.1



Only Allah knows best

Written by Shaykh Ahmed bin Mohamed Umarji

Checked and approved by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham





1 قالَ الزَّيْلَعِيُّ: وهَذا عِنْدَهُ وقالا هُوَ مَكْرُوهٌ «لِأنَّهُ – «لَعَنَ فِي الخَمْرِ عَشَرَةً وعَدَّ مِنها حامِلَها» ولَهُ أنَّ الإجارَةَ عَلى الحَمْلِ وهُوَ لَيْسَ بِمَعْصِيَةٍ، ولا سَبَبَ لَها وإنَّما تَحْصُلُ المَعْصِيَةُ بِفِعْلِ فاعِلٍ مُخْتارٍ، – الكتاب: رد المحتار على الدر المختار – الناشر: دار الفكر-بيروت مجلد: 6 صفحة: 392







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