Is Encouraging People To Wake Up for Tahajjud for Palestine Considered a Bid’ah?

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Answered by: Maulana Mohammed Haroon Hussain




People have posted and spread the word to everyone to pray Tahajjud for the people of Palestine. They have encouraged everyone to get up at 2 AM on Friday and pray Tahajjud and make dua. There is nothing stating that this act is necessary, they have merely encouraged all the perform Tahajjud and requested that dua be made. Some others have risen against this saying that this is Bid’ah. My question: is this Bid’ah?



In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful




The word “bid’ah” linguistically refers to something new. In matters of deen, the meaning encompasses all those actions that have been introduced into the religion against the methodology and practices of Rasulullah and the Sahabah. If it is not against their methodology and practices then it is good and accepted, such as the teaching of various branches of knowledge (like our madrassa systems today) and the authoring of books. And from the types of innovated things are those which are bad and rejected. They can be summarised as all those that Rasulullah and the Sahabah, if they were made aware of them, would refuse and reject.1


It is from a type of ignorance that someone labels every action not found in the time of the Sahabah as a misguiding innovation, even if there be no evidence of it being bad, basing it upon the hadith of “beware of new matters in religion”, not realising that the meaning of this is to introduce into the religion that which is not from it.2


Encouraging people to do a good deed in order to alleviate the suffering and affliction of the Ummah is a commendable action. If people have got together to have an event where they pray and make dua for the people of Palestine, this is permissible. As you have correctly mentioned, it is not a part of deen or necessary, rather it is an optional action that is meant to help the Ummah. It would be similar to fundraising, charity work, teaching etc. They are all to help the people and protect the Ummah. People can take part if they choose or stay out if they choose. It will not be classed as a bid’ah in the form that you described.



Only Allah knows best

Written by Maulana Mohammed Haroon Hussain

Checked and approved by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham





1 المراد أن كل بدعة في الدين كانت على خلاف مناهجهم وطريقتهم فهو ضلالة. والا فقد حقّقوا أنّ من البدعة ما هي حسنة مقبولة كالاشتغال بالعلوم الشرعية وتدوينها، ومنها ما هي سيئة مردودة وهي ما أحدث بعدهم على خلاف مناهجهم بحيث لو اطّلوا عليه لأنكروه

اقامة الحجة على أن الاكثار في التعبّد ليس ببدعة – ص 21 – للامام عبد الحي اللكنوي مع تعليق عبد الفتاح ابو غدة – مؤلفات الامام اللكنوي


2 ومن الجهلة من يجعل كا أمر لم يكن في زمن الصحابة بدعةً مذمومة وان لم يقم دليل على قبحه، تمسكًا بقوله عليه السلام: “اياكم والمحدثات الأمور” – ولا يعلمون أن المراد بذلك هو أن يجعل في الدين ما ليس منه

اقامة الحجة على أن الاكثار في التعبّد ليس ببدعة – ص 19 – للامام عبد الحي اللكنوي مع تعليق عبد الفتاح ابو غدة – مؤلفات الامام اللكنوي – هذا القول من الامام التفتازاني في الهيات شرح المقاصد (2: 271)




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