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My question is I was leading namaz at home and my wudu broke and ran downstairs and do tayyamum and came back and started the jamaat again is the tayyamum and salah valid and if not what should I do

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.


Before we look at the answer of your question, I will firstly mention the situations where a person would be allowed to do Tayammum.

  1. One who cannot find water while travelling.
  1. (One who is) outside settled land with approximately one mile or more between him and the water.
  2. (One who) can find water, but is sick, and is afraid that if he uses the water, his sickness will be intensified.
  3. If one in janabah fears that if he makes ghusl with the water, the cold will kill him or make him ill (in all these cases) one may perform tayammum with the surface of the earth.
  4. Tayammum is permissible for a healthy person if a funeral is present, and the executor/guardian is other than himself, such that he fears that if he occupies himself with purification then the salah will elude him.
  5. Similarly, one who is present at `Id, and fears that if he occupies himself with purification, the salah of (one of) the Two `Ids will elude him, he performs tayammum and prays.
  6. It is recommended for one who does not find water, but is hopeful of finding it at the end of the time, to delay the prayer to the last (part) of the time.  Then, if he finds water, he performs wudu’ with it and prays, otherwise he performs tayammum (and prays). (Extracted from Mukhtasar Quduuri p.11)

Regarding your question, if there was water availiable in the house it would be impermissible for you to do tayammum and lead the Jamaat. You and all those who prayed behind you would have to repeat the Salah again.

Only Allah Knows Best

Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham.

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