Mazuur and Hajj

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I have made intention to do haj this year but have a health problem - I experience small discharge/drops of urine after passing water which is slow and can happen anything up two hours after passing water.  This means I am usually not in a state of wuzu until this has ceased.

I am not sure how I can do Ihram and be clean and be in a state of wuzu when required during hajj.  Is it possible for me to go to hajj with this condition?

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

In the books of Islamic Jurisprudence an individual is classed as a mazur (excused) if the excuse remains and covers the whole period of a fard salah time.  During this period the excuse does not stop for even a small duration in where one is able to perform ablution and offer salah. If it did stop, then one would not be classed as a mazur. This includes where the excuse could be termed as to be continuous constructively, in that it stops for a short period but insufficient to enable the person to perform abulution and offer salah. The condition for one to remain a mazur is that the excuse occurs at least once in the times of each of the subsequent prayer times. (Durrul Mukhtar, Vol1, P223)

The ruling with regards to a mazur is that the individual must perform abulution for each salah time, and with that abulution the individual may carry out all the various prayers and worships. When the time of the prayer exits, abulution will become invalid and it will be necessary to renew the abulution. (Durrul Mukhtar, Vol1, P223)

From the above it is clear that if the above conditions are met in your situation, i.e the drops are continuous and covers the whole period of a salah time and during this period it did not stop even for a short period of time in which abulution and salah could be performed, then you will be classed as mazur. If the problem did seize for a period when you could perform abulution and offer salah then you will not be classed a mazur.

In conclusion this condition will not prevent a person from performing acts of worship i.e. salah and Hajj as if you are termed as a mazur then you can perform abulution and carry on with the rituals of Hajj till the next salah time where new abulution will need to be performed.

And Allah knows best

Sayeedur Rahman

Darul Ifta Birmingham

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