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Fatwa ID: 02651

Answered by:  Ustadha Umm Abdullah


Please answer the following questions regarding Tawaf, kissing Hajre
Aswad, and performing nafl in the Hateem area.
a) Is it permissible to have a casual chit-chat with your friends
b) If you bump into a non-mehram which, is easy to do especially if it’s busy then is your Tawaf nullified, or makrooh?
c) I have heard it is makrooh look at the Ka’bah whilst doing Tawaf?.
d) Is it impermissible to do perform salah in the Hateem knowing it’s flooded with women? If one simply chooses to ignore this fact, and he goes inside, performs nafl very inconvenient because of the rush, and probably came into contact with so many women, and maybe even unknowingly pushed people, will their salah still be valid, and yet still be sinful?


a) During tawaf, it is mustahab (preferable) to not talk and engage oneself in dua and zikr. Talking unnecessarily of non beneficial things is makruh (disliked). It is permissible to speak due to necessity. [Muallimul Hujjaj p120/121]

b) Coming into contact with a non mahram will not nullify the tawaf.

c) It is desirable that one looks down in humility and humbleness during tawaf.

d) There are many virtues of praying in the hateem, however, it should be avoided if there is a large crowd as one will be coming into contact with many non mahram women. Moreover, a mass amount of people creates a larger risk of injury. It is possible pushing and shoving may result in hurting a fellow Muslim.

Only Allah Ta’ala knows best

Ustadha Umm Abdullah

Checked and approved by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham

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