Will the Salah be accepted if a woman does not pray in her Jilbaab

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Answered by Molana Ishaaq Hussain


Will prayer be accepted if a woman does not pray in her jilbab that covers body from head to toes (one piece garment). I pray in jilbab that starts from shoulders and then put a scarf on my head?



Before moving on to the question, let us first understand what the meaning of jilbab is.

"The original word used by the Quran for 'shawls' is jilbab, which is a long sheet in which a woman gets to be hidden from the head to the feet. This has been reported by Sayyidna Abdullah ibn Abbas." (Ma'ariful Quran p.222 v.7)

"The entire body of a free woman is her awrah/the part which must be covered ie satr except for her face and the palm of her two hands due to the words of the prophet sallalahu alaihi wa sallam " a woman is a concealed awrah" (Narrated by Tirmizi 1173)" (Hidayah p.92 v.1)

"For the prayer to be correct it is not a condition to wear a specific clothing, but in fact ones prayer is complete with that clothing which covers the awrah." (Fatawa Uthmaani p.373 v.1)

The mother of Muhammad Ibn Kunfuz asked Ummul Mumineen Umme Salaamah Radiyallahu anha: In how many clothes can a woman pray salah in? She replied: In one head scarf and in one garment which is so long that the feet be hidden inside them." (Sunan Abu Dawud p.103 v.1)

It is desirable for women that for Salah they adopt three types of clothing.

1. Izaar i.e. trousers, lower garments etc.

2. Kamees, upper garment, dress etc. .

3. Headscarf. A garment which covers her entire head and shoulders. (Umdatul Fiqh p.61v.2)

With regards to your question if a woman prayed Salah in such a clothing which did not cover her awrah (head to feet) then her Salah would not be valid.

Therefore , a woman’s prayer is accepted in a jilbab (one piece garment which covers her awrah i.e. entire body),additionally, a woman’s prayer is also accepted without a jilbab, however she must adopt izaar, kamees, and a headscarf which are all loose fitted, not transparent and most importantly covers the awrah.

Only Allah Knows Best

Written by Molana Ishaaq Hussain

Checked and approved by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham.

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