Divorcee marring without parents knowledge

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I am a divorced woman with two children and want to do my nikah with a man who is already married, so I would be his second wife. His wife is ok with the situation, however, my parents do not understand. So would I be able to do nikah behind their backs to save my self from doing zina etc in the eyes of ALLAH and hope that one day they would understand why I went behind there backs.

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.


A major and independent woman has the discretion to marry according to her choice. If she marries someone within equal status, then it is valid whether the guardian/parents were informed or not and whether they are pleased or not. (Hidaya, Vol 2, P 313)

However before taking such an important step one should make istikhara (seek guidance and help from Allah after offering two raka’ats of Nafl prayer). Although the nikah will be valid it is important that parents are consulted and their opinions and feelings are taken into consideration. You should explain your feelings and reasons to them so that they can understand your point of view and give their blessings for the marriage. I pray that Allah makes the situation easy for you and gives everyone the understanding of religion.

And Allah knows best.

Sayeedur Rahman

Darul Ifta Birmingham

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