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" الذين يؤمنون بالغيب و يقيمون الصلاة وممّا رزقناهم ينفقون "
Those who believe in the unseen and establish prayer and spend from which We have given them." (2:3)

Allah Taala says for such people:
أولئك على هدى من ربّهم و أولئك هم المفلحون

"Those are the ones who are upon guidance from their Lord and those are the ones who are successful. (2:5)


Just like establishing salah and performing hajj is important, similarly, spending in the way of Allah is equally important, as Allah says in the above-mentioned verses, that to be upon guidance and to be successful one needs to spend from which he/she has been given by their Lord along with establishing salah and believing. Allah Taala mentions the matter of spending in His way several times in the Quran, which proves that spending in the way of Allah is an important matter. The conditions which we are facing right now are known to everyone and how difficult things have become financially is obvious.


Our Beloved Prophet ﷺ says in a hadith:
" إنّ الصدقة لتطفئ غضب الربّ و تدفع ميتة السوء " رواه الترمذي
"Indeed charity extinguishes the anger of the Lord and repels a bad death".

By this, we can understand that giving charity not only brings us reward but also a peaceful life.


The madaaris are those that impart education of religion to people and are the true forts of Islam, but sometimes our attention towards madaaris is minimal. These are the places where future ulama and mashaayikh are born and their only source of income is charity, that covers all their expenses through these charities and as per the global situation they need you to fullfill the need of tomorrow, to fullfill your need. We need these madaaris more than anything to maintain a high level of knowledge in the time of trials and tribulations. This is your moment to spend in the way of Allah and to help madaaris


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