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Is it permissible to watch football on tv. I was told by a maulana that its jaiz


In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.



The issue regarding the permissibility or not of TV have been discussed by the scholars in detail. In brief and to the point it is not permissible to watch football on TV. Allah states in the Quran: “So leave them to plunge in vain talk and play about, until they meet their Day which they are promised.” (Surah Al Maarij: 42)


The above verse and similar verses in the Quran indicate that (useless) play is disapproved in Islam. The purpose of life is that to worship Allah. Allah states in the Quran: “And I (Allah) created not the Jinns and Men except they should worship me (alone)” (Surah Az Zariyat: 56)


When a person is indulged in the entertainment of football then one is forgetting his main purpose in life. Hours pass by without being aware of the time and in certain cases one even misses Salah due to this.


It is narrated by Uqbah ibn Amir that he heard the prophet (sallal lahu alayhi wa sallam) say, “…Everything with which a man amuses himself is in vain, except his shooting with his bow, his training of his horse, and his playing with his wife, for they pertain to what is right.” (Tirmidhi, 1078)


In conclusion, watching football on TV is not permissible as this is useless entertainment and play and certainly is not included in the exemptions mentioned above. Also whilst watching football another sinful act is being committed and that is of looking at the awrah. It is stated in Fiqhus Sunah (1.111b) “The Messenger of Allah (sallal lahu alayhi wa sallam), passed by Ma’mar while his thighs were uncovered. He said, to him, ‘O Ma’mar, cover your thighs, for they are (part of the) ‘awrah.” This is also related by Ahmad, al-Hakim and al-Bukhari in Tareekh and in mu’allaq form in his Sahih.


Only Allah knows best


Sayeedur Rahman


Darul Ifta, Birmingham

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