Hiding ones past after marriage

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Answered by UstaadhaBint Salih



I have a question
when I was young, around 13… I used to talk to a boy online via facebooketc
Now, this ended quite quickly, within a few months
It was just an age thing.
I used to say he was my boyfriend (astagfirullah) but once again..just an age thing. No one knew aside from two of my friends. but I'm not sure if I really considered him to be so.
So I have NEVER met this person in real life, at all.
Now if my future spouse(I''m around 20) asks me if I'm chaste/ever been in a relationship before, would I be lying if I said no?
Because no man has ever touched me alhamdulillah
I became quite practising around that age too so I knew it was wrong
I've never gone back to any of that either
But I just want to know if I'd be telling a lie if I said no? Because I've never met this person, and no man has ever touched me, aside from maybe in college if someone was passing me something, even then I had gloves on as I wear niqaab
So I've never 'actually' had a relationship/boyfriend etc involving all the haraam stuff.
Jazakallahkhair as I'm quite upset over this mistake I made in my younger years, but alhamdulillah Allah never allowed me to meet this person in real life, and it ended super quickly too. But I don't want this mistake to be a problem in the future, nor do I want to lie.
But if I say yes, no one will actually understand that it's was not a relationship as nowadays with hugging etc, I've genuinely never met the person.
It was just a naive mistake to speak to them online.



With marriage, in any culture, religion and background husband and wife commit to each other with faithfulness and loyalty. And anything which happened prior to that should not be questioned as it is someone’s past.

In regards to your question, if your future spouse does ask about your past, you can say you have never been in a relationship.

I pray Allah forgives you for your mistake and keeps you upon the path of guidance.

Only Allah knows best.

UstaadhaBint Salih.           

DarulIfta Birmingham.

Checked and approved by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham.

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