How Is the Janazah Prayer Performed?

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Answered by: Mufti Muhammad Afzal Hussain




How is the Janazah prayer performed?



In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful




  1. Standing of the Imam near the chest of the deceased, whether man or woman.


  1. Reciting Thana that is “Subhanak-allahummawabihamdikawatabarak-asmukawata`alajaddukawa la ilahaghairuk” after the first Takbir.


  1. Saying the supplication of blessings for the Prophet that is ‘Allahummasaalli ala Muhammadinwa ala aliMuhammadinkamasallaita ala Ibrahimawa ala aliIbrahima, innakahameedummajid. Allähummabarik ala Muḧammadinwa ala aliMuhammadinnkamabarakta alaIbrahimawa alaaliIbrahima, innakahameedummajid’ after the second Takbir.


  1. Supplicating for the deceased after the third Takbir. If the deceased is adult, whether man or woman, the Salah-performer should say in supplication: Allahumma-gfirlihayyinawamayyitina, washahidinawagaibina, wasagirinawakabirina, wazakarinawaunth̄ ̅ana. Allahumma man ahyaitahu minna fa-ahyihi al-alislami, wa man tawaffaitahu minna fatawaffahu al-aliman. If the deceased is a male child, the Salah-performer should say in supplication: Allähumma-jalhulanafarata, wajalhulanaajran-wazukhra, wajalhulanashafiammushaffa. If the deceased is a female child, the Salah-performer should say in supplication: Allahumma-jalha lana farata, wajàlha lana ajran-wa zukh̅̅ra, wajalha lana sh̅̅afiatam mush̅̅affah.


  1. He should end the Salah by performing the ending Salam after the fourth Takbir. He should not raise his hands except at the time of the first Takbir. It is desirable that the number of Salah-rows be three, five, seven, or some other odd number. [See: Al-Fiqhul Muiyassar by Shafiqur Rahman Nadvi, page:176-177, publisher: Azhar Academy Ltd.]


“The prayer is offered by pronouncing a Takbir followed by praise of God. This is followed by a Takbir after which prayers and blessings are to be read for the prophet. Thereafter, a Takbir is pronounced followed by supplication for himself, for the deceased, and for the Muslims in general. After this, a fourth Takbir is pronounced, and the salutation is made. The person who prays over a man or woman is to stand in front of the chest.”

[See: Al-Hidayah, vol: 1, page: 274-275, publisher: Centre for Excellence in Research Islamabad and Kanz al-Daqaaiq with the commentary of Maulana Muhammad Ezaz Ali, vol: 1, page: 197, publisher: Idaratul Quran wal-Uloomul Islamiyyah Karachi]




Only Allah Knows Best

Written by Mufti Muhammad Afzal Hussain

Checked and approved Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham




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