If The Husband Replies “Okay, Go” When Wife is Asking for a Divorce

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Fatwa ID: 02567

Answered by: Ustadha Umm Abdullah


3/4 years ago I had a misunderstanding with my husband, and in anger, I was continuously asking him to give me a divorce. He was completely quiet the whole time and didn’t say a word but when he got frustrated he said ok go Urdu (jao yahan sai) yesterday I was reading behashti zewar and there I read about talaq kinayah. then I asked my husband that weather had you ever said to me go to your house with an intention of divorce and he said no never I just wanted to ask that in the above-mentioned matter do u think any talaq has happened?


If a woman asks her husband to give her divorce and the husband replies “okay go”, talaq will not come into effect.

Only Allah Ta’ala knows best

Ustadha Umm Abdullah

Checked and approved by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

DarulIfta Birmingham.

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