Menstruating Woman Crossing the Meeqat Without Ihraam

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Answered by: Alimah Shireen Mangera-Badat




A sister started her menses in the uk airport before she boarded on the plane to go Hajj. She went past the Meeqat without Ihram. She managed to finish early in Makkah and then made Ihram with the intention of Hajj on the first day. Will her hajj be valid? and if she paid the dam for missing the Ihram, would that be sufficient?




In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful




According to Hanafi Fiqh, a pilgrim must enter Ihram before crossing the Meeqat if they are in a state of ritual purity (Taharah). For a woman in menses, the rule differs slightly due to her inability to perform certain rituals.


In Hanafi jurisprudence, it is permissible for a woman in her menstrual period to delay entering Ihram until she becomes pure (Taharah) if she cannot stop at the Meeqat due to practical reasons (such as being in transit).


Once she becomes pure, she must enter Ihram and perform the rituals of Hajj.


Classical Hanafi texts, such as “Radd al-Muhtar” by Ibn Abidin, mention that women in menses can delay entering Ihram until they become pure, given the practical difficulties.1


Conclusively, her Hajj will be valid if she entered Ihram after completing her menses and performed all other rituals correctly. The delay due to her menstrual state does not invalidate her Hajj.


Paying the dam for missing Ihram at the Meeqat is required and sufficient to compensate for the lapse. This dam typically involves the sacrifice of a sheep or giving its equivalent value in charity.2




1 “والحائض إذا خشيت فوات الحج أو العمرة، تدخل في الإحرام وتؤخر الطواف والسعي حتى تطهر، وهذا القول مبني على دفع الحرج والمشقة، حيث إنه من المعلوم أن دخول مكة بدون إحرام محظور إلا لعذر شرعي كالحائض


2 (آفاقيٌّ يريدُ الحجَّ أو العمرةَ (٢) جاوزَ وقتَه): أي ميقاتَه، (ثُمَّ أحرمَ لَزِمَه دمٌ، فإن عادَ فأحرم): أي إنِّما قال (٣): يريدُ الحجّ أو العمرة؛ حتَّى إنَّه لو لم يُرِدْ شيئاً منهما لا يجبُ عليه شيء؛ لمجاوزة الميقات (٤).


ص284 – كتاب شرح الوقاية ت أبو الحاج – باب مجاوزة الوقت بغير إحرام – المكتبة الشاملة




Only Allah knows best.

Written by Alimah Shireen Mangera-Badat

Checked and approved by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham








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