Ways to help cure masturbation

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Answered by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah


Ways to help cure masturbation



In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.

Allah states in the Quran, “…who guard their private parts except with their spouses or those who are legally in their possession, for in that case they shall not be blamed. However those who seek to go beyond that in lust are the ones who shall be the transgressors” (Surah Muminun: v. 5-7)

Most jurists have included masturbation in the prohibition and have included this in the category of those who go beyond what is permissible in satisfying ones lust. (Tafseer Qurtubi, p.98 v.12). It is recorded in Tafseer Mazhari that Saeed ibn Jubair stated that, “Allah punished a nation who used to play with their private parts.” In Durrul Mukhtar the hadith “A person who is married to the hand is cursed (i.e. the person who masturbates)” is recorded which indicates the impermissibility of masturbation. (p.109 v.2)

Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam Al-Kawthari has written some practical steps a person should do to same himself from the sin of masturbation. 

1)    Take all necessary means to control your sexual desire (shahwa), and avoid anything and everything that may lead you to masturbate. As such: 

a) Guard your gaze against casting it lustfully at women. Avoid going unnecessarily to areas where there is fitna and a greater likelihood of you seeing women dressed immodestly such as shopping malls and town-centers (especially on weekend nights). Try your best in finding alternatives for places of Fitna. For example, use your car to commute rather than a public mode of transport like the underground tube. When travelling abroad, do not wonder around the shops and coffee places at the airport; rather, go and sit in a quiet place and read a book. In the plane, try reading a book or going to sleep instead of looking around and chatting with female air stewardesses. If your work or studies involve being around a lot of women, consider alternatives. See if you can find a job where there is relatively less fitna, and if that is not possible, avoid spending unnecessary time there especially around immodestly dressed females. Make sure to turn your gaze as soon as you see anything inciting such as a billboard advertisement which has immodest images. Completely avoid places where there is casual free mixing of the opposite genders. 

b) Do not watch TV even for news or sports. Avoid surfing the internet unnecessarily, especially when you are alone. When there is a need, try using the internet in a public place or when your family members are around you. In particular, avoid YouTube and other similar sites where there is a greater risk of seeing something Haram. 

2) Always be around family members and other people; try not being alone unless when necessary. Do not sleep alone in your room, and do not have TV or internet to yourself. 

3) Avoid bad company, and endeavor to stay in the company of the pious and righteous, in the Mosque, and with learned Ulama as much as possible. 

4) Try and fast as much as possible, and generally eat less especially foods that may stir your sexual desire such as meat and dairy products. 

5) Continually ask Allah, especially after the Fard prayers, to free you from this habit. 

6) Involve yourself with acts of worship as much as possible, like reciting the Qur’an, Dhikr and Salawat. 

7) Consider marriage. The jurists (fuqaha) state that if one is overwhelmed with sexual desire to the extent that they fear committing a sin, marriage becomes obligatory. Speak to your parents and start looking for a suitable spouse with whom you can fulfill your desires in a Halal way. 

8) Finally, there is nothing more effective in helping you avoid this sinful habit than exercising your will-power (himma) and fighting against your lower, desiring self (nafs) and your sexual appetite. It may be a good idea to impose a monetary or another form of penalty on yourself every time the sin is committed. (Extracted from www.daruliftaa.com )

Only Allah Knows Best

Mohammed Tosir Miah
Darul Ifta Birmingham.

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