Darul Ifta Projects

Dārul Ilm Birmingham

Dārul Ilm Birmingham offering a full Alim & Alimah course, consisting of in sha' Allah six years. The curriculum will be in accordance with the reliable and renowned curriculum of Dars-e-Nizami. The course will be taught by the director and founder of Darul Ilm, Muftī Mohamed Tosir Miah (Birmingham) and other Mashaikh and Ustadhs from England. The main focus of the course in the beginning (the two first years) will be Arabic, as it is the key to any further advanced studies of Islām and its sciences. However, fiqh, hadeeth, Tafseer and other subjects will also be taught. Please visit www.darul-ilm.co.uk for more information.

Al Mujeeb Magazine

Darul Ifta Birmingham has just published the first edition of an Islamic magazine. The purpose of the magazine is to help make clear certain aspects of our Religion, we hope this will reach out to people and answer any questions they may have.

January 2012 Edition

April 2012 Edition

January 2013 Edition

May 2013 Edition

September 2013 Edition

January 2014 Edition